Even if you have a municipal water quality report, it’s better to know. Recommended. — C. Okamuro

You Should Get Your Water Tested If:

  • You’re a new homebuyer

  • Your area has a boil water alert

  • You’re a private well owner

Is My Water Contaminated?

Do you know your water’s PPM (Parts Per Million)? Enter it here to find out if your water is over the limit.

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We know.
It’s not as easy having someone come to your home.
So why choose Culligan’s In Home Water Test?

  • No Hassle
  • No Mailing
  • Expert Advise
  • All Taps Tested
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How Your FREE Water Test Works — It’s Easy!

  1. Schedule
  2. Get Your
    Water Tested
  3. Get Your
    Analysis Results

Step 1: Schedule

Schedule your FREE water test for any day and time at your convenience. You can call or fill out a form, and your local Culligan service representative will call you to confirm your appointment.

Step 2: Get Your Water Tested

A Culligan Water expert will arrive at your home and provide a complete analysis of your water, fixtures, plumbing and water-using appliances. They will answer any questions you have about your area’s water and provide a detailed report. The process takes about 30 minutes. This is a FREE public service. No costs or obligations are associated.

Step 3: Get Your Analysis Results

There is no purchase necessary, however, your service representative will provide you with options moving forward if contaminants are found to be in your water. Additional tests may be sent off to our laboratory for testing.

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My Family Could Be Drinking What?

Store-bought pitcher and faucet-mount carbon filters DON’T WORK WITH EVERYTHING!

Your Water Contains Carbon Activated Filter
Cysts Removes Some
Parasites Removes Some
Heavy Metal (Lead, Copper) Removes Some
Organic Compounds Removes Some
Chlorine Removes Some
Bad Taste Helps
Smelly Odor Helps
Turbidity (Hazy) Helps
Viruses Does Not Help
Arsenic Does Not Help
Dissolved Solids Does Not Help
Fluoride Does Not Help
Bacteria Controls Growth
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